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Analysis on China’s Cheese Market, Potential and Investment Prospect

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Brief Introduction:

Cheese import to China grew from less than 50,000 tons in 2013 to 108,000 tons in 2017, the annual compound growth was larger than 20%. Imported cheese is used as instant food, raw material of the catering industry and raw material for food processing. Imported cheese is the main source for domestic cheese reprocessing and consumption. Both cheese import and consumption has grown rapidly, the cheese industry has attracted attention from the government, enterprises and the capital market. From the perspective of policy promulgation, domestic raw milk market fluctuates sharply, both the dairy product portfolio and consumption structure should be optimized, will cheese be able to act as a “buffer” in the fluctuation of the raw milk market? How should the Government guide cheese production, trade and consumption? An in-depth research on the cheese industry is the prerequisite for promulgation of scientific and sound industrial policies. From the perspective of enterprises, more and more dairy processing companies both from home and abroad are positive towards the future of China’s cheese market and plan to enlarge cheese business in China either through more export or investment for processing plants, hence there is urgent need to have a better understanding of China’s cheese industry and choose a suitable commercial model. From the perspective of the capital market, to comb the current status and trend of the key links of the cheese industry, to predict the trend of China’s cheese industry and to master the development situation of key companies are conducive for investors to grasp the investment opportunity and screen investment targets. This report has an in-depth analysis of the panorama of China’s cheese industry from industrial policy, production, consumption, trade, key enterprises and development of various links of the industrial chain. Based on this, this report analyzed the prospect of the cheese industry and investment value and selected the links and companies worth investment value. This report can help you, who are interested in China’s cheese industry, to master the trend and formulate a business development strategy.

Table of Contents:

1 Study on Cheese Industry in the World and Key Countries
1.1 Global cheese production, consumption, trade and trend
(Currently China depends on import of cheese, mainly from New Zealand, Australia, the US and the EU, and their production and trade status have a bg impact on China’s cheese industry growth.)
1.2 Japan’s Cheese Industry
(Cheese production, consumption, trade and development model in Japan. China is similar to Japan in resource foundation and consumption foundation for the growth of the cheese industry. Japan is a mirror for China for the development of the cheese industry. )
2 Policy Environment for Growth of Cheese Industry in China
2.1 Policies on Cheese production
(Analysis and classification of industrial policies at the national level, subsidies from local governments on cheese products and etc. Chinese Government encourages domestic companies to produce cheese. )
2.2 Policies on Cheese Import
(Analysis and classification of policies on cheese import. In general there is no special barrier for cheese import; domestic companies can import cheese for direct selling or raw material. )
2.3 Policies on Cheese Consumption
(Policy encourages consumption of dairy including cheese.)
3 Cheese Consumption in China and Outlook
3.1 Changes of Cheese Consumption Quantity in China
3.2 Features of Cheese Consumption in China
(Consumption habit and method; as instant food, raw material for catering industry or raw material for food processing.)
3.3 Analysis of the Key Factors
(Analysis of the key factors that affect cheese consumption in China, and possible impacts on Cheese consumption from changes of these factors.)
3.4 Forecast on Cheese Consumption in China
(Potential of cheese consumption, ways of consumption and product varieties.)
4 Cheese Production in China and Outlook
4.1 Changes of Domestic Cheese Production
4.2 Analysis of Domestic Cheese Production
(Raw material, technology and product variety)
4.3 Application of Domestic Made Cheese
4.4 Forecast on Cheese Production in China
(Analysis of resource foundation and other key factors that affect cheese production in China, and forecast on cheese production potential, ways of production and product varieties in China.)
5 Cheese Import to China and Outlook
5.1 Cheese import status
5.2 Analysis on Cheese Import
(Major imported varieties, sources and importing regions)
5.3 Applications of Imported Cheese
5.4 Forecast on Cheese Import
(Analysis of factors that affect Cheese import to China, and forecast on import quantity and varieties.)
6 Key Cheese Producers in China
6.1 Bright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd.
6.1.1 Cheese Business Status
6.1.2 Cheese Production
6.1.3 Cheese Sales
6.1.4 Operational Strategy of Cheese Business
6.1.5 Development plan
6.2 Shanghai Ground Food Tech Co., Ltd.
6.3 Shanghai Ambrosia Fine Foods Company
6.4 Zhejiang Panda Dairy Corporation
6.5 Shandong Dongjun Dairy
6.6 Beijing Sanyuan Foods Co., Ltd.
6.7 Beijing Jikang Food Co. Ltd.
6.8 BSI (Tianjin) Foods Co., Ltd.
6.9 Heilongjiang Anda Dairy Corporation
6.10 Jilin Changbaishan Dairy Co., Ltd.
6.11 Lvdu Lapland(Fushun)Food Co., Ltd
6.12 Qinghai Guoluo Xueyu Zhenbao Co., Ltd.
6.13 Shijiazhuang Junlebao Dairy Co., Ltd
6.14 Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd.
6.15 China Mengniu Dairy Company Limited
6.16 Fuyou Cooperates and Shengmu Joint Venture
6.17 Yunnan Royal Lesson Dairy Co., Ltd.
6.18 Comparison of Key Cheese Producers
7 Key Cheese Importers
(Business status of key importing enterprises, operational model, and there is summery and comparison.)
7.1 C&D Logistics Group Co., Ltd.
7.1.1 Cheese import status
7.1.2 Operational model
7.1.3 Development plan
7.2 Shanghai Tangjiu (Group) Co., Ltd.  
7.3 Apple Flavor and Fragrance Group Co., Ltd.
7.4 DCH Holdings
7.5 Chndow International
7.6 Xiamen Chongma Imp & Exp Co. Ltd.
7.7 Shanghai Shenlian Imp & Exp Co. Ltd.
7.8 Citi-Base corporation
7.9 Comparison of Key Importing Enterprises
8 Prospect of Investment in China’s Cheese Industry
8.1 Prospect of China’s Cheese Industry and Investment Value
(A conclusion on the prospect of China’s cheese industry and investment value after analyzing cheese policy, production, import, consumption and development of key enterprises.)
8.2 Strategy of investment in China’s cheese industry
(Which links at the industrial chain should be invested, way of investment, and which key enterprises can be invested.)
8.3 China’s cheese industry investment risk early warning 
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