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New Hope Planned to Built a Hog Farming Base with Annual Production of More 2 Million Heads in Inner Mongolia

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-02-08 14:40:52China Agriculture Report Print On January 24th, New Hope announced that it would build a hog farming project in Keerxin District, Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, with the total investment of 3.205 billion RMB. This project includes 3,000-head GGP pig farm, 12,000-head GP pig farm, 72,000-head PS pig farm and 0.72-million-head growing-finishing pig farm. This project would be started in March 2018 and finished in October in 2019. After completion, hog production would reach more 2 million MT and feed consumption would be 0.6 million MT. 
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