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China’s hog capacity has recovered, and pork production increased by 0.77% in 2017

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From 2013 to the first quarter of 2015, hog prices were declining, hog farming industry suffered great losses, and a lot of farming enterprises exited from the market for capital chain rupture; in the second quarter of 2015, hog prices moved up; hog farming profit passed 500yuan/head in 2016; although hog prices fell down in 2017, hog raising profit still was at a normal level. According to the data from the National Bureau of Statistics, hog slaughter and pork production respectively were 688.61 million head and 53.40 million tons, increasing 0.52% and 0.77% year on year. It can be seen that China’s actual production capacity of hog has recovered and passed that in 2016. Specifically:
(1) Scale enterprises rapidly released capacity. According to the sales data of hogs of nine listed companies including Wens, Muyuan, Zhengbang, Truein, Tech-bank, Longda Foodstuffs, Tecon, Jinxinnong and LUONIUSHAN, they totally sold 34.3814 million hogs and realized sales revenue of about 56.374 billion yuan; and their sales volume took up about 4.99% of national hog slaughter.
(2) With the improvement in feeding level, the weight of hogs for slaughtering achieved new high. Under the influence of environmental protection policy, a large number of small and scattered farmers in breeding-prohibited areas exited from the market, but the weight of hogs for slaughtering increased by 0.76% to 115.77kg/head, at a relative high record; meat yield per hog rose by 0.78% year on year to 90.3kg.
(3) For the improvement in sow productivity and the structure optimization of  gestational age, overall production efficiency has been raised. In the second half of 2017, environmental protection was intensified, small and scattered farmers retreated from the industry rapidly, increasing elderly sows were eliminated, and the gestational age structure of sows was optimized. These changes greatly pushed up the PSY and MSY of domestic hog farming industry, so under the circumstance of same amount of sows, current hog supply actually has passed that in 2016.
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