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Agricultural Materials Retailers Are Nagged by Cross-Region Sales, Credit Sale and Shortage of Agrochemical Service

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-09-11 11:41:39China Agriculture Report Print Agricultural materials retail is the most important link in the distribution of agricultural materials, but, along with the changes in agricultural environment and the reform of agricultural materials sector, traditional agricultural materials retailers face many challenges. 
(1)Cross-region sales: cross-region sales can bring down an exorbitant profit of same products in different areas, and make the profits return to a normal level, but vicious cross-region sales mess up the normal orders of agricultural materials. For retailers, cross-region sales seriously bring down their profits.
(2)Credit sale: due to fierce competition, credit sale is an important means of competition. Credit sale relieves the difficulty of farmers’ financing, but it makes retailers face huge pressure of funds and even bad debt, seriously affecting the healthy development of agricultural materials retail sector.
(3)Shortage of agrochemical service: the current agriculture is changing toward large-scale and intensification, having higher requirements on agricultural materials products and service, but, restricted by funds and own capacity, agricultural materials retailers can’t meet the current higher demand from agriculture, and due to support for numerous retailers, upstream agricultural materials dealers and agricultural materials companies have relatively little support for single agricultural materials retailers.   
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