Research Report on Feed Enzymes Market in China2018-06-20

More and more feed mills and animal farming companies began to accept feed enzymes, and the demand for feed enzymes in China has also been increasing The consumption of feed enzymes reached about 120,000 MT in 2012 and is expected to achieve 160,000 MT by 2015 Domestic feed enzymes production capacities have increased a lot in recent years, but foreign companies also intensify the development of China feed enzymes market BSNABC predicted the production capacity of feed enzymes will reach 200,000 MT with market value of more than 4 billion RMB by 2015 View »

Research Report on Feed Mycotoxin Absorbent Market in China2018-06-20

In the past decade, market demand for mycotoxin absorbent in China soared, and domestic and foreign mycotoxin absorbent products emerged largely The most popular foreign brands in China include Biomin, Altech, Kemin, Omega, Bayer, PAH, and so on Besides, domestic large-scale feed additive and animal health companies, such as Baolai-leelai, Ringpu and Tengjun, also entered this market in succession View »

Research Report on Feeding Probiotics Industry in China2018-06-19

We plan to select farms of different sizes, feed mills, Probiotics manufactories, experts and government officers as the main targets of research, and take questionnaire survey and interviews methods This report analyzes international and national environment, current demand situation and potential, competitive landscape and main manufactories For those caring about China’s feeding Probiotics industry, this report provides systemic, comprehensive accurate and valuable references View »

China’s Beef Cattle Industry Development Report 20152018-06-08

1 Policy Environment of China’s Beef Cattle Industry1 1 China’s Macro-economic Situation and Policy1 2 Fo View »

Soybean Industry Research & Development Forecast in China (2014-2020)2018-06-01

Based on soybean production, crushing, market and its product market, the major crushing enterprises’ operation, this report is an in-depth study of the future soybean demand in China as well as the development tendency of China’s soybean crushing industry in order to help the insiders fully and deeply understand soybean industry development situation, problems and the future development prospects View »

China Fruit Market Research Monthly Report2018-05-29

BOABC: China’s High Quality Apple Prices Would Rise If the Cold Injury Caused Reduction of Apple Output by View »

Research Report on China’s Corn Seed Industry 20152018-05-24

This report has accurate, objective, comprehensive and systematic research and analysis on the entire corn seed market and policies, focusing on the analysis of corn seed demand of major provinces and cities in China s major corn planting regions and the distribution of enterprises that mainly participate in market competition View »

China Mid-to High-end Vegoils Development Potential, Operation Model and Investment Prospect2018-05-16

This report systematically analyzed the characteristics of mid-to high-end vegoil industry changes in China in recent years and predicted China’s supply and demand and industry changes in the future We hope to provide exclusive information of complete, systematic, professional and high reference value to those who are concerned about China’s mid-to high-end veg-oil trade, processing and in capital invest View »
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