Report on China’s Sesame Market in 20132013-04-12

Content1. Analysis of Global Sesame Industry Development 11.1 Planting Areas of Major Sesame Production Countries i...View »

Analysis of China’s Top-grade Beef Market2013-03-22

Content1. China’s Fine Beef Cattle Breed. 12. China’s Market Supply and Demand of Top-grade Beef. 12.1...View »

Monthly Monitoring Report of China's Import and Export of Beef and Mutton2013-03-20

Content1. China’s Import of Fresh and Chilled Beef in January 2013 11.1 China’s Import of Fresh and C...View »

Yearbook on China’s Agricultural Products 20132012-12-27

Yearbook on China’s Agricultural Products 2013 has a complete range of data on outputs, consumption volumes, imports & exports, international market occupation ratio, prices, geographical distributions, etc. of 80 agricultural products in the past 5-10 years and analyses have also been made.View »

Special Research Report on China’s Dairy Farms2012-12-25

The Report covers the following aspects: development planning for the dairy industry and supportive policies, production of raw milk and changes in prices, technology and equipment of dairy farms, scaled dairy farming modes, economic benefits of dairy farming industry, survey in typical dairy farm production management as well as the assessment and judgment of future trends of China’s dairy farms.View »

China Fruit (Vegetable)Juice & Beverage Market Review & Outlook 2011/20122012-12-19

The following questions are answered by the report: 1. How Shall the Supply and Demand Situation of Fruit/vegetable Juices/drinks Change in China in 2013?2. How Raw Material Supply at the Upstream of Fruit/vegetable Juices/drinks Shall Change in China in 2013? 3. How Competitive Shall Be China’s Fruit/vegetable Juices/drinks in 2013? 4. What Shall Be the Development Strategies of Leading Companies in China in 2013? 5. How Shall be China’s Fruit Juice Market in the Future thanks to the Restraint in Policy Environment, Raw Material Supply, Market Demand and Cost-benefit? View »

Review and Outlook of China’s Dairy Industry 2012/20132012-12-11

This report illustrates in a panorama way the situation of China’s dairy industry in 2012 including production of raw milk and processed products, dairy consumption, dairy trade, price trend of raw milk and processed products, operational status of the dairy industry, the competition of the dairy market, the revenue of key dairy companies and investment. The report also covers the trend of the world dairy market; production, consumption and trade of the key dairy producing and trade countries; the impact from the world dairy market to China’s dairy industry and forecast on the trend of China’s dairy industry in 2013. View »

Outline of China’s Feed Market Review & Outlook Report, 2012/20132012-12-11

In “Review and Outlook on China Feed Market 2012/2013” compiled by BOABC, not only the market status quo of major feed raw materials & feed additives and imp & exp is analyzed deeply in details, but also the segment markets of hog feed, poultry feed, aquatic feed and ruminant feed as well as the top enterprises of each segment market are paid special attention, meanwhile prediction of feed industry’s development trend in 2013 in China will be discussed.View »
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