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Influenced by Expectation of an Increase in Potash Contract Prices, Domestic Potash Prices Ascended

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-07-10 15:24:34China Agriculture Report Print
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At present, 60% MOP (powdery) quotations of Qinghai Salt Lake Group maintain at a high level of 2,300 RMB/MT; MOP stocks at the ports are around 2 million MT. Influenced by expectation of an increase in potash contract prices, domestic large traders were willing to sell and there were few goods on the market, so the prices stayed firm and ascended. 
Although potash prices keep ascending, but, influenced by a weak demand, the companies often give some discounts, for example: the rebates of Salt Lake Group are 150 RMB/MT, highest, namely 60% powdery MOP quotations only are 2,150 RMB/MT.  
On the one hand, it is the period of topdressing in summer and soil fertility in autumn now, compound fertilizer producers mainly produce high-N fertilizer and high P-fertilizer, and potash is during off season of consumption. For example, it is in the period of use of high-N fertilizer, and the demand for potash goes down, so potash prices decline in Jiangsu, of which the quotations of 62% white potassium range at 2,180-2,200 RMB/MT and the quotations of Russian red potassium fluctuate at 2,050-2,070 RMB/MT.     
On the other hand, tobacco is an important crop that uses potash, but because the negotiation of potash contract has not finished yet, the growth in potash prices is unknown and the invitation for bid for tobacco potash hasn’t started; besides, fruits and vegetables are important crops for potash consumption, but it is not busy season now. 
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