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Constant Decline of Domestic Price, Sugar Association Holds Conference to Raise up Market

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-07-11 15:18:59China Agriculture Report Print
The sugar market has been sluggish due to rumors, and the development of the sugar industry is seriously hindered, the macro control guideline of the Government is seriously violated. China Sugar Association would hold a Sugar Production/sales Analysis Conference in Kunming, Yunnan from 3rd-6th of July 2018. Major contents shall be:
(a) Fully implement the guideline of sugar macro control policy from the State Council for 2017/18 campaign;
(b) Analyzing production and sales situation of sugar in the nation;
(c) Addressing the hot issues of common concern;
(d) Deploying production and sales work for the future.
Domestic sugar price has been sliding since entering into 2018 despite insufficient supply. The slide has accelerated and could break the domestic production cost. This is on the contrary to the guideline of macro control from the Government. The Sugar Association would hold such a Conference at this moment is to remind the market the situation and to be in line with the macro control direction, and to safeguard the domestic sugar market order. While there is oversupply at the international market, China is close to a key producing country and confronts with transit trade, it is hard to make break the siege.
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