China Dairy Weekly Market2016-01-06

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Report on China’s Veterinary Biologics Industry Investment2016-01-06

The scale of China’s veterinary farming industry keeps on increase in a high-density farming pattern, which will make the prevention of veterinary epidemics in China become increasingly severe As biological products are more and more widely used in veterinary farming industry, China’s veterinary biologics industry develops rapidly Since the breaking up of SARS in 2003 and the bird flu in 2004, China’s veterinary biologics industry has seen increasing prosperity, and the market of veterinary biological products in China has also seen an average growth rate of over 30%, which is much higher than the average global growth rate of 8% In October, 2010, the State Council passed through discussion the Vaccine Supply System Construction Plan, which said that the central finance would provView »

China Live Hog Industry Analysis and Forecast Report2016-01-06

ContentBOABC Viewpoint 41 Hog Market Price and Prosperity Analysis. 51.1 Hog and Feed Market Price Change. 51.1.1...View »

China Corn Industry Analysis and Forecast Report2016-01-06

ContentsFocus 31 Corn market and industry analysis 41 1 Changes in Corn Price 41 2 Prices of Corn Processed P View »

Analysis and Forecast on China Juice & Juice Drinks Industry 2015/2016 2016-01-06

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Analysis and Forecast on China Feed Industry2016-01-06

2016 is the first year of China’s “13th Five Year Plan” and the integration, adjustment, transformation and upgrading of China’s feed industry deepened continually A restorative growth was found in the livestock and poultry farming and hog and poultry inventories rebounded due to the support of high farming benefits As a result, the industrial feed output increased The overall feed enterprises’ profitability increased due to the dropped cost of feed raw materials However, the differentiation between enterprises intensified and the feature that the strong ones are ever strong tended to be more obvious Meanwhile, a irreversible tendency was found in the main feed raw material market: the temporary corn purchase policy was turning to “marketized purchase+subsidy” and the coView »

Analysis and Forecast on China Sugar Industry (2016/2017)2016-01-04

BackgroundSugar price has been falling due to the oversupply both at domestic and international market The domest View »

Analysis and Forecast on China Livestock Industry2015-12-28

In this year, China’s hog industry realizes record high profit During the two years before May, 2015, overcapacity and long-time loss of hog industry in China made a large number of medium and small size farmers exit the market, some large and medium size hog breeding enterprises also exited the market for capital difficulty; at the same time Regulations on Livestock and Poultry Scale Breeding Pollution Control and Environmental Protection Law come into force in this year, more than 20 provinces in domestic have implemented plans of designating areas of prohibiting breeding and limiting breeding, entry threshold of this industry rises up greatly, new added capacity goes into operation slowly, all these factors made domestic hog supply and demand imbalanced and breeding profit high View »
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