Research Report on China Beef Cattle Industry2016-05-24

In recent years, the market size of beef expands rapidly, and price factor has a more obvious driving effect on the growth of beef consumption market From 2009 to 2015, the retail price of beef realized a compound growth rate of 11 39%, while the beef consumption did not change in the same period For the differences of competitive situation and voice, the income level of various links of China’s beef industrial chain is different From the perspective of industrial chain, deep processing link of beef still is lacked now, high profit links include breeding cattle breeding in upstream and preliminary processing and beef sales in downstream View »

Report on China’s Ice Cream Market Supply-Demand2016-05-24

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Yearbook on China's Agricultural Products 20152016-05-24

INTRODUCTIONYearbook on China’s Agricultural Products (2015)Yearbook on China’s Agricultural Products of 20 View »

Analysis and Forecast on China Juice & Juice Drinks Industry 2015-20162016-05-24

Table of ContentsChapter One Analysis on China’s Juice Industry Development Environment 101 1 Analysis on the View »

China Sugar Industry Analysis and Forecast Monthly Report2016-05-24

中国大豆及油脂油料报告(月报)ContentFocus 3ⅠSugar Market and Business Analysis in February 41 1 China’s Sugar View »

Layer Breeding Equipment Demand and Competitive Landscape in China 20162016-05-24

As the rising of rural labor cost, the scale degree of livestock and poultry breeding is increasing constantly. The slaughter of pig farms with annual slaughter of over 500 head accounted for about 46% of national hog slaughter in 2013, increasing by about 34% from ten years ago; it’s predicted that this proportion would increased to more than 50% in 2015. The scale degree of broiler breeding is higher, in terms of slaughter, the proportion of farms with annual slaughter of 10,000 birds was about 80%, while family farm with annual slaughter of 10,000-50,000 birds is the main body of broiler breeding, and its proportion was about 39.3% in 2014 and increased by 13.8% from ten years ago. View »

Hog Breeding Equipment Demand and Competitive Landscape in China 20162016-05-24

Taking four major livestock including hog ,the report focuses on the analysis of following five aspects: 1) Development status, future development model and development potential of China’s animal husbandry 2) Use characteristics of equipment for different livestock and poultry breeds and different breeding ways 3) Characteristics and current situation of market demand of animal husbandry equipment in China 4) Demand potential of animal husbandry equipment market in the future 5) Main animal husbandry equipment corporations and industrial competitive landscape. This report is a reference for large animal husbandry equipment enterprises, large breeding enterprises and agricultural View »

China Dairy Market Monthly Report2016-05-24

ContentsBOABC Highlights 4I Dairy Market in January 51 1 Production of Raw Milk 51 1 1 Raw Milk Price 51 1 2 View »
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