White broiler rearing suffered a loss of 1.83 yuan/bird.

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On May 8, the purchasing price of live broilers in various producing areas averaged 7.86 yuan/kg, up 4.36% from the previous week; the price of chicks in the main producing areas stood at 2.37 yuan/bird, up 96.36% from the week earlier; the average price of fresh dressed chicken in the major wholesale markets in 36 large and medium-sized cities in China was 17.55 yuan/kg, a increase of 1.50% from the week before.
During the past week, ratio between broiler chicken price and grain price was 3.67 and ratio between broiler chicken price and feed price was 2.44. The profit of each link of China’s broiler breeding industry was as follows:
Broiler breeding link: the gross profit was 1.83 RMB/bird, up 0.72 RMB/bird than last week.
Broiler slaughtering link: the gross profit was 0.37 RMB/bird, down 0.19 RMB/bird than last week.
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