Owing to Novel Coronavirus Outbreaks, China’s Fertilizer Exports Descended and Still Would be Under Pressure in the Future

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Along with the issues such as suspension of logistics and trade, and a shortage of labor resulting from global outbreaks of novel coronavirus, global fertilizer trade was influenced and China’s fertilizer exports reduced. In the first quarter of 2020, China’s fertilizer exports were 5.4 million MT, down 6% year on year, of which the export volume of urea and DAP was down 39.91% and 26.97% year on year.      
Urea and DAP are the important exported fertilizer products in China. India is the biggest country of destination of China’s urea and DAP exports. Influenced by novel coronavirus outbreaks, India has entered the period of blocking since March 25th, which was planned to last until May 18th. It directly brings influence to China’s fertilizer exports to India. In the first quarter of 2020, China’s urea and DAP exports to India were 222,700 MT and 115,000 MT respectively, down 50.14% and 64.73% year on year.  
Besides, influenced by novel coronavirus outbreaks, some fertilizer producers reduced or stopped production, and it brought serious influence to P-fertilizer producers especially in the main production areas of Hubei.
At the same time, we should realize that novel coronavirus would bring influence to agricultural product growing and the demand pattern in the world, especially a downturn of economy and a shrink of demand, which would indirectly cut down the demand for fertilizer from agricultural crops and the input for planting. China’s fertilizer exports still would be under pressure. 
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