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Analysis of the supply and demand of grain, oil crops, and sugar crops

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From the perspective of per capita supply in the Chinese mainland, the supply of food, oil crops, and sugar crops was 467 kilograms, 32 kilograms, and 87 kilograms respectively, seeing some growths from the previous year.
The per capita consumption of grain was 452 kilograms in 2019, up 1.62% from the previous year, including 221 kilograms of staple food crops (166 kilograms of processed grain). That of staple food crops of rural households and urban households was 152 kilograms and 96 kilograms respectively. In grain consumption per capita, the consumption in eating-out, feed, brewing, and industries was 103 kilograms, 140 kilograms, 17 kilograms, and 63 kilograms respectively.
On edible oil and sugar consumption, data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that China’s per capita consumption of edible vegetable oil and sugar was 8.92 kilograms and 1.31 kilograms in 2018. The per capita production of home-grown oil crops can meet the per capita consumption demand of households, while sugar production exceeded the household consumption demand. However, edible oil and sugar are mostly consumed by other channels such as eating-out, food industry, and other sectors, so their production can’t meet the country’s total demand. Grain supply in China is over demand, but oil and sugar crops supply largely depends on imports.   
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