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Antibiotics alternatives have greater market potential, but star products are in shortage in domestic

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-01-04 14:57:16China Agriculture Report Print
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It’s reported that China consumes about 200, 000 tons raw materials of antibiotics annually, of which, 50% is used in breeding industry, and 60% antibiotics in breeding industry are used as feed additives. It’s estimated that the market size of antibiotics used by domestic feed enterprises is about 3.0-3.5 billion yuan and the market size of antibiotics used in poultry farms is about 80 billion yuan. In 2013, breeding industry used 84,200 tons antibiotics and produced 85.36 million tons meat, so 987 mg antibiotics were needed in producing 1kg meat in China; while 100 mg antibiotics were needed in producing 1kg meat in EU countries. By comparison, overuse of antibiotics really exists in China. As China pays more and more attention to food safety, the use of antibiotics is increasingly restricted in animal husbandry. The MOA issued documents on December 6 to stop the use of olaquindox, arsanilic acid and roxarsone in food-producing animals. Feeding without antibiotics will become a development trend of animal husbandry in China.
Under the overall background of drug resistance, food safety and human health, it’s a historical trend that antibiotics will be replaced, so antibiotics alternatives have a greater market potential. Common antibiotics alternatives include acidifier, probiotics, antimicrobial peptide, plant essential oil and others, and the difference in quality is great due to wide range of varieties, but most products haven’t specific effects, so it’s hard for customers to make choice.
Currently, antibiotics alternatives are not mature and there is no star product in market, so consumers can’t be guided. In a longer term, as relevant enterprises enhance R&D, more safe and efficient products will appear, lead the consumption and grasp the market left by antibiotics.
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