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Rapid expansion of large scale layer enterprises in 2017 accelerates the process of scale farming of layers

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-01-04 14:55:30China Agriculture Report Print
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In 2017, large scale layer enterprises expanded rapidly, and built dozens of layer farms each with an inventory of more than 1 million birds. The degree of scale raising increased sharply, and it’s predicted that farms each having more than 10,000 birds on hand accounted for about 70% of national inventory, and the proportion of enterprises each with an inventory of more than 100,000 birds would reach 21%, raising about 10%.
(1) DQY expanded rapidly through industrial poverty alleviation projects and became China’s largest layer enterprise. Now it has built anti-poverty projects in 19 poor counties across the country, passed CP Group and became China’s largest egg product enterprise with an inventory of more than 10 million birds in 2017, accounting for 0.8% of national inventory of layers. Its inventory of layers will reach 53 million birds after all projects reach designed capacity in 2019.
(2)CP Group: the inventory of layers of layer farms (including CP Group’s farms in Hubei, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Chengdu, Lanzhou and other areas) subordinated to CP Group is about 8 million birds. In next five years, CP Group will invest 20 layer raising projects each with a capacity of 3 million layers with projects in Pinggu as template, and the inventory is predicted to reach 80 million birds.
(3)Jin Long Group: it is the largest layer enterprise in northwestern region with an inventory scale of 6.5 million layers. In next five years, the group will construct more than ten feed companies in layer raising focused region nationwide to increase the annual production and selling volume of feed to over 2 million tons. The Group makes great effort to develop layer feeding to make its layer inventory break through 10 million birds.
(4) Lvyang Agriculture: at present, the company is building automatic layer raising farm with a capacity of 10 million birds, and the phase one project of 2 million layers has been completed and put into operation.
(5) Jingou Agriculture: the company invested 730 million yuan in 10 million layers farm base project which has an annual production capacity of 150,000 tons fresh eggs. The construction period of the project started from April, 2017 and will end in October, 2020.
(6) Huanshan Group: it is building a planting-feeding integrated system with 10 million birds as its medium-term goal. Phase one of Jiahe Farm Plan will reach an inventory of 2 million layers according to the planning.
(7) Besides scale enterprises each with an inventory of 100 billion birds, regional brands such as Sun Daily Farm, Hongxuan, Gegeda, Shendan, Liujiang, Rongda and others are expanding continuously, and their market shares are rising steadily.
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