NPK Companies Focus on Autumn Fertilizer Market

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Entering June, summer fertilizer market was near to completion. Influenced by many factors such as novel coronavirus outbreaks and a downturn of agricultural product prices, NPK launched the time of fertilizer sales for autumn in advance. In middle and last June, fertilizer companies such as Kingenta, Shandong Hongri, Wintrue and Xinyangfeng Lisainuo all held marketing conferences. This, year, the developmental trends of NPK companies are as follows:   
First, they are creating popular series by taking advantage of costs. Under the situation of more attentions to investment costs in agricultural planting, fertilizer companies are actively creating popular series through the strategy of cost leadership, in order to expand the market share and the awareness of market. For example, Wintrue takes the strategy of cost leadership as one of three great strategies in the field of agricultural field; Xinyangfeng Lisaino also focuses on northern market and launches the products with high cost performance in autumn.  
Second, they propose the solutions of special fertilizer products for planting. Guizhou Linhua launched special fertilizer “Chazhifu” recently; Xinyangfeng Lisainuo planned to focus on cash crop market with the policy of special products for special regions; Kingenta offered the solutions of fertilizer for different cash crops and meanwhile promoted medical fertilizer brank “Shijiamei”.    
NPK prices kept lowering this year. By the end of June, the main ex-factory prices of 45% CL-based NPK were RMB 1,984/MT, down 6.06% year on year; the main ex-factory price of 45% S-based NPK reached RMB 2,211/MT, down 9.42% year on year. Along with the aggravating competitiveness of compound fertilizer industry, NPK companies must make changes to meet the needs of the market.  
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