It's expected that the body weight of hogs for marketing will increase slightly in September 2020.

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In August, 2020, the national body weight of hogs slaughtered was 126.54 kg per head on average, falling by 2.02% month-on-month, rising by 6.92% year-on-year.
Due to rainfall and rainstorms in south China, many farms sold hogs in large quantities ahead of schedule in June and July. As a result, hogs available for sale decreased, pig prices rose, and farms delayed the marketing of hogs for further fattening in south China in August. The average body weight of hogs marketed increased by 4.18% from the previous month in Guangdong in August, and the growth in Sichuan registered 0.07% month-on-month. The price gap between the South and the North enlarged, and more pigs were transported to the South from the North where farms accelerated the marketing of hogs with suitable body weight. The body weight of hogs marketed generally fell by about 2%-5% in north China.
Prediction for September: According to the marketing plan of group pig farms in September, they generally raise the sales target by 10%-15% from that in August. Pig prices may decline in September, and medium and small-sized farms will delay the marketing of hogs to resist the decline. Under the premise of relatively stable ASF epidemic and no extensive outbreaks, the average body weight of hogs marketed in the country will slightly rise to about 130kg per head in September.  

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