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Ethanol Prices Fall, Other Retail Gasoline Prices on the Rise

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Wholesale ethanol prices fell $.09 this week, closing at $2.58.

The price of global crude oil fell this week on the West Texas Intermediate (WTI) by $.35 per barrel over last week, closing at $96.33.

Brent crude oil fell in price this week, finishing at $112.62 per barrel on Tuesday's close, down $3.41 from the previous week.

One year ago WTI crude sold for $88.90 and Brent crude was at $112.29.

As of Tuesday, the price of regular unleaded gasoline averaged $3.73 across Iowa according to AAA. This is $.06 higher than last week and up $.14 from one year ago. The national average on Tuesday was $3.80, up $.08 from last week's price.

Retail diesel fuel prices in Iowa were up $.03 on the Tuesday report with a statewide average of $3.98. One year ago diesel prices averaged $3.80 in Iowa. The current Iowa diesel average is $.08 per gallon lower than the national average of $4.06.

Wholesale ethanol prices fell this week by $.09, closing at $2.58. The price of Mid-Grade Blend in Iowa (10% ethanol) closed at $3.66 per gallon, up $.07 from last week's price and up $.15 from one year ago.

Natural Gas prices in Iowa fell $.08 from last week's report, ending the week at $2.71 / MMbtu.

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