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Last Call offers sustainable pest control

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The Last Call range is a sustainable method of pest control. It combines a specie specific pheromone with a contact insecticide in a protective, slow-release, paste-like matrix and is a step forward in environmentally friendly and cost effective methods.

This Bio-science technology has been successfully tested and proven with over ten years of trials done.  Multiple formulations have been developed for fruit and vegetable crops.  With the ongoing research the technology holds tremendous potential for all markets to produce crops a more natural way.


Last Call’s composition is a blend of species-specific sex pheromones and a contact insecticide in a slow release paste like matrix releases a constant amount of pheromone over a 6-week period.  Small droplets are applied to the plant through a pre-calibrated pump head.  This small droplet placed evenly throughout the crops leaf surface, acting like a virgin female, attracts males to mate with them.  When a male finds a droplet he lands on it thinking he has found a female.  During the 6 weeks multiply males can visit the same droplet.  The male covers the droplet in order to mate but on contact picks up enough insecticide to kill him within minutes, thereby depleting the entire population. A follow up application is recommended 35 days later to ensure a high amount of pressure remains on the male population.

The paste is specie specific and has no negative effect on beneficial insects allowing them to increase their population which assist in controlling the targeted pest. The product leaves no residue and is 'rain fast' and so not affected by rain or irrigation.

There is no heavy spray equipment and tractors needed to apply Last Call which saves costs and preserves the soil from compaction. It also hinders resistance to pesticides as it only targets the adult males in the insects life cycle.

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