677,300 tons Imported, 44.13% YoY Increase of Sugar in August; 2.23 million tons Imported till the end of August in total, up 13.12%

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China imported 677,300 tons sugar in August 2020, 115.84% more than in July or 44.13% less than year on year. Till the end of August 2020, China had imported 2.23 million tons sugar in total, up 13.12% year on year.


From the perspective of imported varieties, the mainstream was raw sugar and white granulated sugar. Raw granulated sugar imported 611,300 tons in August, accounting for 90.25% of the monthly import, or 87.23% in the total import during the period from January to August. 1.95 million tons of raw sugar had been imported in total, up12.11%. Followed by white sugar imported 65,000 tons, 9.59% in the monthly total or 12.37% in the total import from January to August. China had imported 223,000 tons white granulated sugar in total, up 13.12% year on year.

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