Layer Market Price and Prosperity Analysis in November

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1.1 Factory price of eggs decreased 5.10% month on month

In November 2019, the average wholesale price of eggs in China’s 36 large and medium-sized cities was 9.72 RMB/Kg, down by 5.10% month on month, increasing 20.12% year on year.

1.2 Prices of laying chicks increased 8.45% month on month

In November 2019, the farmgate price of layer chicks in main producing areas was 5.15 RMB/Bird, increasing 8.45% from last month, up 50.17% from last year.

1.3 Prices of Culled layers increased 38.09% month on month. 

In November the farmgate price of culled layer in main producing areas was 15.67 RMB/Kg, down by 21.64% month on month, up by 48.34% year on year.

1.4 Layer compound feed price increased 0.31% month on month.

In November, the price of compound feed for layer was 2.91 RMB/Kg, decreased 0.31% month on month, up by 4.95% year on year. 
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