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More Companies explore Liquid Infant Formula Market in China

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2017-12-13 10:07:57China Agriculture Report Print
More and more processing companies are interested in exploring China’s liquid infant formula market.
Mead Johnson introduced liquid infant formula for 0-3 years old in November, the product is 100% introduced from the US and there are three stages. The price is lower than overseas purchase and almost the same as the price for similar products in the US. Mead Johnson intends to sell this type of product through e-commerce and mummy/baby stores.
BOABC learned BiosTime, Synutra and Wyeth are all planning to explore China’s liquid infant formula market.
Liquid infant formula enjoys a potential in China.
Liquid infant formula is common in developed countries such as the US, since more and more Chinese young consumers have either studied overseas, been abroad as a tourist or lived overseas, hence they can easily accept liquid infant formula.
Compared with powder infant formula, liquid product is convenient to carry and feed, which is in line with consumers’ pursuance for convenience.
Some families have high income and pursue quality of life, and they are willing and capable of consuming liquid formula.
In the long run, liquid formula is only a supplement to powder formula, and should only account for a small market share.
Liquid formula has a long history in foreign countries, but the market share is small. Liquid formula is mainly used as a backup when going out, or a hospital feeds the new born. Factors that restrain the growth of liquid formula is the high price as compared with that for powder formula; and it is hard to alter the habit of consumption, adults are more used to powder formula.
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