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Most Powerful Typhoon Mangkhut Landed and Affected Cane Growing

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-10-10 13:57:32China Agriculture Report Print
The Typhoon landed in Yunnan from 17th to 18th September, causing strong rainfalls and winds. Some canes fell to the ground in Yunnan, but relatively speaking the impact was not so serious. T he rainfalls increased pests such as phytophthira and snout moth’s larva, meanwhile canes are about to enter the stage of sugar accumulation in September, the constant torrential rains could reduce sugar content in canes and may affect cane harvest.
Guangxi was seriously hit by the Typhoon. Rainfalls concentrated to the western part of the province, Hechi, Baise, Chongzuo, Nanning and west of Beihai also witnessed medium rainfalls, whereas all these regions are cane farming areas. Local reports unveiled Laibin, Beihai and Qinzhou suffered the most, nearly half of the canes lodged and 20% at a serious level. Chongzuo, which has the largest cane farming area, saw cane lodging and flooded at different levels, but the lodging rate was around 5%, the impact was little and the harvest is forecast to reduce by about 1.6%.
In general, canes are at the stage of growing longer, not up to the sugar accumulation period, the lodged canes must be lifted upward. However there is shortfall of farmers, lifting needs lots of workforce. If the lodged ones cannot be lifted timely, harvest would be affected substantially. BOABC estimates the Typhoon could reduce sugar production by 5% in Guangxi, whereas impacts to other places should be little.
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