China SOP Market Study Research Report

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China SOP Market Study Research Report

Brief Introduction:

This special report will estimate and analysis China potassium sulfate market in 2007-2008. On the basis of data and information provided by State Statistics, State Customs, China Chemical Information Center and fertilizer-related associations, combined with market survey from BOABC, it analysis industry policies, supply & demand, raw material, price trend and imp & exp estimation. It covers abundant data and info of related enterprises in SOP industry, and estimates the future trend of this industry as to take a reference for manufacturers, traders and investors in China’s SOP industry and other related industries.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction of Potassium Sulfate Enterprises 
1.1 Profile of Potassium Sulfate Enterprises 
1.2 Major Potassium Sulfate Enterprises’ Capacity      
Table 1.1 Production Capacity of SOP Enterprises      
1.3 Potassium Sulfate Projects under Construction      
Table 1.2 SOP New Project   
2. Demand & Supply     
2.1 Supply      
2.1.1 Productive Capacity Increase in 2007-2008 
2.1.2 Potassium Sulfate Production in 2007-2008       
Figure 2.1 China SOP Capacity & Production      
2.2 Demand    
2.2.1 Demand in 2007-2008 
Table 2.1 China SOP Consumption       
2.2.2 Factors Determining Potential Demand for Potassium Sulfate    
2.3Analysis of Demand & Supply 
3. Raw Material Supply 
3.1 Potassium Chloride Supply      
Figure 3.1 China MOP Price, 2006-2008      
3.2 Sulfur & Sulfuric Acid Supply 
Figure 3.2 Monthly Average Price of Sulfur 
Figure 3.2 Monthly Average Price of Sulphric Acid      
3.3 Potassium Mine Resources     
4. Potassium Sulfate Price & Profit Margin 
4.1 Major Enterprises’ Producer’s Price       
Figure 4.1 Producer’s Price of SOP     
4.2Potassium Sulfate Wholesale & Retail Prices   
Figure 4.2 Wholesale Prices of Domestic SOP     
Figure 4.3 Wholesale Prices of Import SOP 
Figure 4.4 Retail Prices of SOP     
4.3 Producers’ Profit Margin 
5. Potassium Sulfate Imports & Exports      
5.1 Potassium Sulfate Imports      
Figure 5.1 China SOP Imports, 2006-2008   
Figure 5.2 Imports Price (CIF) of SOP, 2006-2008     
5.2 Potassium Sulfate Exports      
Figure 5.3 China SOP Exports, 2006-2008   
Figure 5.4 Exports Price (FOB) of SOP, 2006-2008    
6. Government’s Policies for Potassium Sulfate Industry    
6.1 Investment Policy    
6.2 Price Policy      
6.3 Import & Export Policy   
6.4 Shipment Policy       
Table 1 List of China SOP Producer     
Table 2 China SOP Imports by Country original,2007-2008     
Table 3 China SOP Imports by Custom,2007-2008   
Table 4 China SOP Imports by Province,2007-2008 
Table 5 China SOP Exports by Destination Country,2007-2008       
Table 6 China SOP Exports by Custom,2007-2008   

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