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Investment in Farms Continues Heating up

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A follow-up study discovers that investment in dairy farms is as popular as that in 2019, and there is constant increase of scaled farms.
(1) Yili launched 300,000 dairy cattle farm project in Hohhot.
Mid June saw land breaking for Chilechuan 300,000 Dairy Cattle Eco Farm & National Dairy Cattle Core Breeding Center, which is an important project of milk source guarantee for “Yili Modern Wisdom Healthy Valley”, at Tumed Left Banner, Hohhot.
(2) Youran Farming to set up three farms in Hohhot
Youran Farming plans to build three new farms in Tumed Left Banner, Hohhot, with inventory at 10,000, 6,000 and 12,000 respectively, the total budget is 1.28 billion yuan.
(3) Zhongken Dairy 60,000 dairy cattle farm being built
Mid June saw commence of the construction of Dingbian Farm, which is under Zhongken Dairy. The gross budget for this farm is 2.2 billion yuan and the designed dairy cattle inventory is 60,000. The first phase of the farm shall see settlement of 15,000 cattle and the budget is 600 million yuan.
(4) Yuanshengtai Dairy Farm Limited sets yo 10,000 cattle farm in Qiqihar
Heilongjiang Ruihongda Farming Co., Ltd., which is under Yuanshengtai Dairy Farm Limited, kicked off farm construction in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang in June. The total budget for this farm is 540 million yuan, dairy quantity shall be 12,000 and yearly raw milk production shall be 76,000 tons.
(5) Yiming Foods sets up 3,000 cattle farm in Jiangsu
Zhejiang Yiming Foods invests 120 million yuan to set up a 3,000 cattle farm in Changzhou, Jiangsu. The farm shall supply milk to its production center in Jiangsu, and the annual raw milk production is projected to hit 18,000 tons.
An analysis attributes the continuous hike of investment in farms to the following reasons:
 (1) dairy processing companies wish to improve self-sufficiency of raw milk, so as to guarantee raw milk quality and quantity, and upgrade product portfolio.
 (2) Yili, Zhongken and New Hope, the Titanic enterprises, aim at long-term growth, and they are capable of more investment thanks to their sufficient fund.
(3) Local governments promulgated preferential policies to attract investments for the sake of revitalizing local dairy industry.
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