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China Corn Market Monthly Report

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China Corn Market Monthly Report

Brief Introduction:

China Corn Market Monthly Report is an up-to-date report mainly focusing on the latest corn monthly market news, policies, and enterprises info, monthly prices of corn products and price trend.

Basic Information:

Web: www.CNAGRI.com
Key Words: Corn Market News, Policies, Enterprises Info, Prices, Price Trend, Export and Import Data
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Price: Chinese Version RMB7000Yuan/YEAR; English Version RMB12000Yuan/YEAR

Table of Contents:

Focus. 1
1. Analysis on Corn Market Condition and Its Industry Prosperity. 1
1.1 Owing to an Increase in Corn Availability on the Market after Spring Festival, February Corn Prices Lowered Slightly. 1
1.2 Corn Starch Processing Companies Margins Dropped and Operating Rate was 3.1 Percentage Points lower than Last Month. 1
1.3 Corn Alcohol Processing Margins Still Maintained at a High Level and Companies’ Operating Rate Decreased by 0.5 Percentage Points Month on Month. 1
2. Analysis on Corn market 1
2.1 2016 Corn and Substitute Imports down 38% Year on Year 1
2.2 2016 China’s Industrial Feed Output Increased 6% to 212 Million MT and Still Showed the Adjustment of Product Structure. 1
2.3 2016 China’s Vegetable Protein Feed Demand Increased by 1.7% Year on Year, and the Proportion of Soybean Meal Consumption Further Ascended. 1
2.4 The Government Published the Subsidy Policy for Northeastern Feed Companies for the First Time, Which is Good for Improving Local Feed Capacity. 1
2.5 5 Million MT of Corn in the Northeast would Gain the Subsidies of 1 Billion RMB.. 1
2.6 Wellhope Would be the Greatest Beneficiary Among Feed Companies Enjoying the Subsidies  1
2.7 The Subsidies for Feed Companies in the Northeast were Same as Those for Further processing Companies, and Were 3-4 Percentage Points Higher than Gross Processing Margins of Feed. 1
2.8 January Corn and Substitute Imports Rebounded Greatly, but it is Unsustainable. 1
3. Analysis on Corn Production.. 1
2017 Corn Planting Areas Would Further Reduce, down 2%.. 1
4. Analysis on Corn, Processing Products & Substitutes Trade. 1
4.1 Corn. 1
4.2 Corn Processing Products. 1
4.2.1 DDGS Import 1
4.2.2 Corn Starch Export 1
4.3 Corn Substitutes for Feed. 1
4.3.1 Sorghum Imports. 1
4.3.2 Barley Imports. 1
5. Analysis on Farming and Demand for Feed Corn.. 1
5.1 February Hog Farming Margins Dropped Slightly, and the Loss of Layer and Broiler Farming Aggravated  1
5.2 Because of a Drop in Production Costs Higher than that of Feed Selling Prices, Gross Profits of Feed Production Widened. 1
6. Analysis on Corn Supply and Demand Balance. 1
2016/17 Corn Ending Stocks Should be 187 Million MT, and Stock/Use Rate Should be 87.6%   1
7. News. 1
7.1 Wens Would Build a 18-Million-Bird Chicken Farming Integration Project in Ruyuan, Shaoguan, Guangdong  1
7.2 Wellhope Would Set up a Half-Million-Head Hog Farming Project in Fushun, Liaoning. 1
7.3 Zhengbang Would Set up 5 Farming Companies with 50 Million RMB.. 1
7.4 Haid Would Build a Half-Million-Head Hog and 0.2-Million-MT Feed Project in Binyang of Guangxi 1
7.5 Babeinong Would Invest 2.05 Billion RMB in Developing Hog Farming in Guizhou and Xinjiang  1
7.6 Xiangyu Group Planned to Build a 1.5-Million-Ton Corn Further Processing Project in Beilin, Suihua, Heilongjiang. 1
7.7 Heilongjiang State Reserves Launched the Second Batch of Corn Purchase for Rotation. 1
7.8 Haid Group Started to Build a 0.3-Million-Head Piglet Reproducing Base in Xixian, Jiangyang, Guangdong  1
7.9 Sichuan Dekang Farming Would Set up a 0.4-Million-Head Hog Integration Project in Xinping of Yunnan  1
7.10 Tongwei Would Build a Solar Energy High Silicon Cell Production Project in Chengdu of Sichuan with 5 Billion RMB.. 1
Attached Tables. 1
Attached Table 1, China Corn Imports by Original Country, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 2, China Corn Imports by Enterprise, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 3, China DDGS Imports by Original Country, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 4, China DDGS Imports by Enterprise, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 5, China Sorghum Imports by Original Country, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 6, China Sorghum Imports by Enterprise, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 7, China Barley Imports by Original Country, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 8, China Barley Imports by Enterprise, January, 2017. 1
Attached Table 9, China Corn Starch Exports by Country of Destination, January, 2017. 1

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