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Weather Summary (2019. 8.20-26)

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Weather Summary (2019. 8.20-26)
The precipitation in the Yangtze River basin and the Huang-Huai-Hai region was relatively low, which had a negative impact on the overall agricultural production, especially in the Jianghan and Jianghuai regions, the summer crops’ yield declined. Although the low temperature was not conducive to the development of crops in northeast China, it is better than the continuous drought.
Analysis of agricultural meteorology by regions:
1) Northeast and Eastern Inner Mongolia: 
The continuous low temperature in northeast China had a slight negative effect on rice, soybean, potato and spring wheat. Overall, the current rainfall had obvious support for autumn grain production.
2) Xinjiang Agricultural Region and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Ecological Zone: There was a lack of rainfall in the eastern region of Xinjiang, and the drought is severe. The high temperature region has been significantly reduced, which had adverse effects on local agriculture, animal husbandry and ecological construction. The southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet plateau had little precipitation, while the north had plenty of rainfall, which was conducive to the development of agriculture, animal husbandry and ecological construction.
3) North China and the Northwest: 
The precipitation in northwest China this week was basically normal and the temperature was high, which was conducive to the development of autumn grain. The precipitation in the north China plain was relatively low, and the early rainfall has been consumed a lot, and some areas were badly short of moisture again, so new rainfall is needed to ensure the full yield of crop grouting.
4) Jianghuai, Jianghan and Huanghuai Plain: 
The little precipitation in the agricultural production core area, the southwest region, was adverse to crop development. Soil moisture content in the eastern region can basically meet crop development. There was little precipitation in Jianghan plain and the west of Jianghuai region; the high-temperature area in central China expanded, and the high temperature had obvious negative effect on corn production.
5) South of the Yangtze River and South China: 
This week, the precipitation in most areas of the Yangtze River basin was relatively low, and the continuous high temperature and little rain resulted in severe drought, which accelerated the ripening of the one-season rice and adversely affected the seedling development of the late rice.
6) Southwest Agricultural Region: 
There was rainfall in western China, and some areas experienced flood, which formed mountain debris flow. In recent years, the ecological damage in the western region is serious; no rain is drought, and rain brings disaster. Lacking of rainfall in eastern region was adverse to the development of crops, but conducive to the harvest and drying of single-season rice. Accelerating the restoration of ecological shelterbelt and ecological wetland is of great significance to this region.
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