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Starch Processing Margins Didn’t Change Greatly, and the Operating Rate Continued to Rebound

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(1) Corn Starch Prices in the Production and Consumption Areas Averaged at RMB 2,490/MT, up 0.2% from Last Month 
Owing to an increase in corn costs, especially a relatively great growth in north China and Huang-Huai Region, corn starch quotations in November ascended. The average price of corn starch in the production and consumption in November was RMB 2,490/MT, up 0.2% or RMB 5/MT month on month.
The quote from the Northeast was 2,265 RMB/ton on average, the quote from North China and the Yellow-Huaihe River Region was 2,385 RMB/ton, and the price in consuming regions was 2,576 RMB/ton on average, stable, up 10 RMB/ton and stable from previous month. 
(2) Corn Starch Processing Margins Didnt Change Greatly Compared to Last Month
In November, corn starch prices ascended slightly, and the quotations of by products such as corn bran and protein powder also improved slightly, but corn costs were higher than last month, so corn starch processing margins didn’t change greatly compared to last month. The average loss in November was RMB 38/MT, RMB 2/MT less than last month.
Starch processing margins in main production areas witnessed different growths and growths. Without the subsides, in Jilin, the average processing margin of corn starch was 190 RMB/MT, 5 RMB/MT less than last month; in Shandong, the average loss was 267 RMB/MT, 7 RMB/MT more loss than last month. 
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