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Analysis of agricultural meteorology by regions

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Brief Introduction:

Table of Contents:

1)Northeast and Eastern Inner Mongolia:
More precipitation occurred in the central and southern regions of northeast China, and the temperature was generally normal. Relatively more precipitation and low temperature were conducive to crop growth.
2)Xinjiang Agricultural Region and the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Ecological Zone: 
Most areas of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau experienced low temperature and sufficient precipitation. In the northern part of Xinjiang, the drought was obvious, which have a negative impact on grain production and animal husbandry. Therefore, Xinjiang must fully develop water-saving irrigation technology, develop high-quality and efficient agriculture through efficient water-saving agricultural and animal husbandry technologies, and provide sufficient and economic growth resources for the economic and social development of the region and the whole country.
3)North China and the Northwest::
In north China, most areas experienced rainfall, which was beneficial to agricultural production and ecological construction. The frequent rainfall in northwest China is not conducive to wheat harvest. Most areas in the north of northwest China did not receive rainfall or received little rainfall, which has a negative impact on agricultural production.  Widespread severe drought will severely affect crop growth. These areas should adjust measures to develop agricultural industry, ecological construction and ecotourism industry to realize joint development of economy and ecological environment.  
4)Jianghuai, Jianghan and Huanghuai Plain
Among the core areas of China agricultural production, most areas received little rainfall. In the south reaches of Huai River, the continuous drought was conducive to harvest. In central and south Henan Province, reaches of Han River and north of Anhui Province, the drought was also beneficial to harvest but has negative impact on sowing.
5)South of the Yangtze River and South China:
The rainfall was relatively frequent in the reaches of Yangtze River, but the temperature in some areas was generally normal, which was conducive to the growth of early rice. Excessive precipitation and low temperature in the northwest of South China have a negative impact on the reproductive development of early rice and corn.
6)Southwest Agricultural Region: 
The relatively less precipitation in southwest China had adverse effect on crop growth. The frequent rainfall in the north and east was generally beneficial to agricultural production, but the waterlogging in some areas brought negative impacts.
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