China Feed Market Research Weekly Report 9th May 2016

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Brief Introduction:

it is an up-to-date report mainly focusing on the latest market news, policies, and enterprises info, weekly prices of livestock products and feed ingredients and price trend. And in the end of every month, two special imp & exp data for meat and feed will be sent to you.

Basic Information:

China’s Corn Price in Main Areas China’s DDGS Price in Main Areas Attached China’s Soybean Meal Price in Main Areas China’s Rapseed Meal Price in Main Areas China’s Cottonseed Meal Price in Main Areas China’s Fish Meal Price in Main Areas China’s Lysine Price in Main Areas China’s Methionine Price in Main Areas China’s Vitamin A Price in Main Areas China’s Calcium bicarbonate Price in Main Areas Figure1, Corn Price, 2013-2016 Figure2, DDGS Price, 2013-2016 Figure3, Soybean Meal Price, 2013-2016 Figure4, Rapseed Meal Price, 2013-2016 Figure5, Cottonseed Meal Price, 2013-2016 Figure6, Fish Meal Price, 2013-2016 Figure7, Lysine Price, 2013-2016 Figure8, Methionine Price, 2013-2016 Figure9, Vitamins Price, 2013-2016 Figure10, Calcium bicarbonate Price, 2013-2016

Table of Contents:

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1. Monitoring of Feed Materials and Additives Prices. 3

2. Market Analysis. 6

3. Market News. 9

Attached Tables. 11

Attached Figures. 15

Focus: If Upset Price of Temporarily-Stored Corn is Upward of More 1,600 RMB/MT, De-stocking will be Slow   
Corn purchase scale for temporary storage hit a new record. By April 30, purchase volume had reached 125.42 million MT, up 50% or 42.13 million MT from 2015. The stocks of temporarily-stored corn have hit a record high of 277 million MT.
The trend of corn price will directly depend on the policy of releasing temporarily-stored corn in the near future; and meanwhile, the progress of de-stocking will be most influenced by auction system, especially upset price.   
Because of long storage period and poor quality, if the upset price of temporarily-stored corn is upward of 1,600 RMB/MT, apart from premium and the expenses for ex-warehousing and transportation, the price arrival into southern ports will range at 1,700-1,800 RMB/MT. It has no price advantage compared to imported cereals such as sorghum and barley, which must result in a continuous import of substitutes such as sorghum and barley in large quantities and retard the progress of de-stocking.       
1. Monitoring of Feed Materials and Additives Prices

1.1 Corn Prices Averaged RMB 1,860/MT, a Week-on-Week Decrease of 0.3%

In this week, corn prices averaged RMB 1,870/MT, RMB 5/MT or 0.3% less than last week. The corn price in the northeast was RMB 1,850/MT, in North China and the Yellow River and Huai River areas, the price reached RMB 1,755/MT, and the price in the consuming regions averaged at RMB 1,967/MT, down RMB 35/MT, up RMB 5/MT and stable from last week.
Along with the end of purchase for temporary storage and the beginning of auction of corn for rotation soon, local price is lowering; however because the quality of new-season corn in Huang-Huai Region of north China is better than temporarily-stored corn, the dealers are more willing to purchase, pushing up local corn price; owing to and abundant supply of corn and substitutes, corn price in the sales areas almost will stabilize.   

1.2 DDGS Prices Recorded RMB 1,603/MT, a Week-on-Week Increase of 2.7%

1.3 Soybean Meal, Rapeseed Meal and Cottonseed Meal Prices Kept Increasing


1.4 Fish Meal Prices Increased Slightly from Last Week


1.5 Lysine Prices Went up, Methionine Prices Went down Slightly


1.6 Vitamin Prices Kept Stable, Dicalcium Phosphate Prices Went down


1.7 Compound Feed Prices Decreased, Cost Kept Stable, and Margin Reduced

2. Market Analysis

2.1 By April 30, 2016, Temporarily-Stored Corn Stocks Had Reached 277 Million MT 

Figure 1, China Temporary Storage Corn Purchase Volume and Stock, 2007/08-2015/16

Source: BOABC database

2.2 If Upset Price of Northeastern Corn is Upward of 1,600 RMB/MT, the Progress of De-stocking will be Slow


2.3 Listed Feed Enterprise Groups’ Revenues and Profits in the First Quarter of 2016 both Improved

Table1, Operating Performance of Main Feed Groups, First Quarter of 2016
Unit: Million RMB
Group Income YOY% Net Profit YOY%
NewHope liuhe 12,238.63 -7.14 659.51 28.00
Haid Group 4,003.60 13.61 39.21 212.50
Zhengbang Group 4,010.12 9.29 228.06 465.30
Dabeinong 3,280.08 -5.93 137.54 35.21
Tongwei Group 1,981.90 -8.15 -7.91 82.86
Well Hope 2,082.99 5.55 68.31 40.16
Tangrenshen 1,969.41 -2.59 23.81 52.31
Jinxinnong 589.46 23.09 32.03 110.83
Tech-Bank 413.35 2.29 69.04 372.11
Zhenghong 231.89 -20.73 -7.93 -443.41
Kondarl 319.01 -12.93 7.50 25.53
Source: BOABC database
3. Market News

3.1 Tongwei Group’s 0.6-Million-Ton Feed Project in Meishan of Sichuan Has Been Put into Operation 


3.2 2015 COFCO’s Feed Sales Reached 2.06 Million MT


3.3 Wanli Runda Grain Storage and Further Processing Project is Located in Baoqing, Shuangya, Heilongjiang 


3.4 Muyuan Group’s 2-Million-Head Hog Farming/Feed Integration Project is Built in Dali, Shaanxi


3.5 Progress of Corn Purchase for Temporary Storage in the Northeast

Attached Tables

Attached Table1, China’s Corn Price in Main Areas

Unit: RMB/MT
  JiLin Heilong
HeBei Liao
HeNan Si
2016-5-6 1,850 1,860 1,680 1,820 1,760 1,680 2,060 1,950 1,859
2016-4-29 1,860 1,880 1,680 1,900 1,700 1,680 2,060 1,950 1,866
2016-4-6 1,960 1,940 1,680 1,960 1,730 1,720 1,980 1,920 1,918
2015-5-6 2,360 2,330 2,340 2,390 2,360 2,320 2,660 2,490 2,448
MOM -5.61% -4.12% 0.00% -7.14% 1.73% -2.33% 4.04% 1.56% -3.08%
YOY -21.61% -20.17% -28.21% -23.85% -25.42% -27.59% -22.56% -21.69% -24.07%
Source: BOABC database

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