China Hog Industry Analysis and Forecast Monthly Report

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Sampal Report

Brief Introduction:

Table of Contents:

BOABC Viewpoint
1 Hog Market Price and Prosperity Analysis
1.1 Hog and Feed Market Price Change
1.1.1 Hog prices fell shaipy In April
1.1.2 In April, domestic prices of hogs and piglets declined sharply
1.2 Hog farming profit dropped sharply in April, 2018
2 Market Analysis of Hog Industry
2.1 Hog production capacity is gradually released, and sluggish hog prices are predicted to continue until 2019
2.2 Hog prices move onto a downward path, large-scale enterprises increase  capital investment to make layout in hog industry continuously
2.3 China imposes an additional 25% tariff on US soybean, which or will lead to about 3.5% increase in hog production costs.
3 Analysis and Prediction on Hog Industry Production
3.1 Domestic inventory of hogs and reproductive sows both decreased in March
3.2 Slaughterhouses Purchased 17.19 Million Hogs
3.3 Slaughter volume of eliminated sows was 186,745 head, up by 144.87% month on month.
4 Analysis and Forecast on Import & Export of Hog and Pork
4.1 in March, China import breeding pigs was 1,200 head.
4.2 113,247 live pigs were exported in March 2018, with Hong Kong as main destination
4.3 Pork Trade Changing Features
4.3.1 China’s net import volume of pork reached 1.36 thousand tons in March, decreasing by 89.55% year on year
4.3.2 Change of Import & Export Price of Pork
4.3.3 Distribution of Import and Export Countries of China’s Pork
5 Industry News
5.1 Monthly Sales Status of Listed Hog Companies
5.2 Monthly Investment of Hog Industry
6 Industry News
6.1 Construction of 7500 sows farm project of New Hope Liuhe in Jiaxiang county has been finished with only 171 days
6.2 990 American breeding pigs imported from the US by Sichuan smoothly arrived at Chengdu Airport
6.3 CAHIC, Pulike, and CITIC Modern Agricultural Investment jointly invest 350 million yuan in establishing Zhongpu pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
6.4 Muyuan and SDIC sign strategic cooperation
6.5 Zhengbang Technology’s ecological farming project in Zhanhua, Shandong has been put into production
6.6 Swine FMD O-type and A-type bivalent inactivated vaccine is officially launched.
Appendix List
Appendix list 1, Import & Export Situation of Feeding Pigs in China in Jan.-Mar., 2018
Appendix list 2, China’s Live Hog Export Situation in Jan.-Mar., 2018
Appendix list 3, Import & Export Volume Change of Fresh Frozen Pork in China in Jan.-Mar., 2018
Appendix list 4, Source Countries of China’s Imported Fresh Frozen Pork in Jan.-Mar., 2018
Appendix list 5, Destination of China’s Exported Fresh Frozen Pork in Jan.-Mar., 2018
Appendix list 6, Other Frozen Pork Imports by Country in Jan.-Mar. 2018
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