BOABC Viewpoint: There’s great growth potential in China’s poultry vaccine market, especially for high-end vaccine manufacturer.

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The market size of poultry vaccine is about RMB 4.5 billion in China. Affected by comprehensive ban of antibiotics, compulsory immunization policy, African swine fever, industrial development, and other factors, there’s great growth potential in China’s poultry vaccine market, especially for high-end vaccine manufacturers.
(1)Comprehensive ban of antibiotics: China will fully implement medicated additive withdrawal plan in 2020, which puts forward higher requirements for poultry feeding, farmers should fully protect the health of poultry and maximize their production performance without using growth-promoting antibiotics. However, due to the numerous disease risks in poultry production in our country, the situation of disease prevention and control is grim. As vaccine immunization is the main means of poultry disease prevention and control, poultry industry will strengthen vaccine immunization measures and improve poultry immunization efficiency, which will lead to an increased demand for high-end vaccine products.
(2) African swine fever: with the release of the disease’s positive stimulatory effect, poultry industry will usher in an important development opportunity, and its demand for vaccine will increase.
(3) Compulsory immunization policy: According to the "2019 National Animal Disease Compulsory Immunization Plan" and the "National Medium-and Long-Term Animal Disease Control Plan (2012-2030)", China continues to  prevent  and control  H5 subtype and H7 subtype highly pathogenic avian influenza with compulsory immunization a main measure. In recent years, the market share of compulsory immunization vaccines for poultry has dropped slightly, staying at around 30%, and high-end vaccine manufacturers have a larger room for growth.
(4) The improvement of large-scale duck and goose farming: It is estimated that the numbers of ducks and geese respectively reached 3.5 billion birds and 590 million birds in 2018. With the industrialization and scale development of ducks and geese, the demand for special vaccine for water bird will increase.
According to BOABC’s market research, the sales of domestic poultry vaccine manufacturers generally increased by 20%-30% in the first half of 2019. It is estimated that the market size of poultry vaccine increased slightly in 2018, and may see a great growth in 2019.  
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