Hog prices were 26.96 yuan/kg in this week, increasing 2.08% from last week

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(1) On September 6, 2019, the factory price of carcass averaged 36.06 yuan/kg in 36 large and medium-sized cities, up 5.07% month-on-month. The wholesale price of pork was 35.16 yuan/kg, up 1.27% month-on-month. The retail price of pork averaged 38.34 yuan/kg, increasing by 6.41% from the previous month.
Hog prices are 26.96 yuan/kg in this week, increasing 2.08% from last week. The highest price was 31.20 yuan/kg in Guangdong, while the lowest price was 21.00 yuan/kg in Yunnan.
The average weight of hogs for slaughtering is 124.24 kg/head in this week,up 1.62% from last week. 
China’s average pig price continued to rise this week, showing a growth in the South and a decline in the North. The news that reserved reserve will be put on the market on August 29 has had a greater impact on the market. More pigs were marketed, resulting in the decline of pig prices. However, in the main sales area of the South, pig prices continued to rise due to tighter supply, and the price has exceeded 30yuan/kg in Guangdong. The coming Mid-Autumn Festival next week will boost pork consumption. Fujian, Guangxi, Hainan and other southern areas have introduced pork subsidy polices, pig prices are very possible to rise continuously due to insufficient supply of pork. It’s predicted that pig prices will stop dropping and rebound in the North, and the national average price will continue to rise next week.
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