Analysis and Forecast Report of Small Packaged Vegoil Industry in China

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From early 1990s, small packaged edible oil (hereinafter referred to as vegoil) entered the Chinese market and went through a fast development; dramatic changes were found in the oil production and consumption and brands. China’s edible oil consumption volume was about 30 million MT in 2015 and the sales volume of small packaged vegoil was predicted to approach 9 million MT, about 30% of the total volume.
During the fast development of small packaged vegoil industry, a high degree of homogenization and intense market competition were found and profits continued to drop; what’s worse, a vicious competition situation occured as well due to incomplete national standards and low technical content. At present, the markets in the first and second line cities are basically saturated. Small varieties of high-end vegoils gradually went up and became the mainstream while the low-end big varieties went down into towns and rural markets.   
At present, it is getting harder to enter the small packaged edible vegoil industry and continuous brand investments and professional innovation of marketing management will become enterprises’ main measures of success. 
Based on our years of tracking analysis and study, this report is expected to help you get further and in-depth understand of the current situation and future direction of the small packaged vegoil industry in China and find
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