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Special Research Report on Cotton

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Price: RMB40000(English Version) RMB30000(Chinese Version)

Brief Introduction:

Based on years’ research of cotton industry and current economic situation, the report makes a deep and comprehensive study on the following points: the development trend and prospect, the market competition and key enterprises, the changes of supply and demand relation over the past years. What’s more, with analysis of the characteristics of the upstream and downstream of cotton industry, the report makes study form different perspectives, which provides professional market guide advice and powerful data support to cotton enterprises.

Table of Contents:

Chapter One China’s Economic Growth and Cotton Price, 2005-2010


1.1. China’s Economic Growth and Development Status of Textile Industry, 2005-2010

1.2. Textile Industry and Production Index of Cotton, 2005-2010

1.3. Analysis of Major Influential Factor of Cotton Price, 2008-2010

1.4. China’s Economic Growth and Output of Cotton

Chapter Two China’s Cotton Production, 2005-2010

2.1. Production Status of Major Cotton Producing Areas, 2005-2010

2.2. Cost Analysis of Cotton Production of Major Cotton Producing Areas, 2010

2.3. Layout of Cotton Planting, 2010

2.4. Analysis of Cotton Planting and Weather’s Impact, 2010

2.5. Forecast of Cotton Output, 2011-2015

2.6. Guidance and Prediction of China’s Policy, 2011-2015

Chapter Three Consumption and Inventory of Cotton, 2005-2010

3.1 Demand Analysis of Cotton, 2005-2010

3.2 Cotton Demand and Growth in Industries, 2005-2010

3.3 Demand Analysis of Cotton in the Future, 2011-2015

3.4 Annual Inventory Analysis of Cotton in China and All over the World, 2010

3.5 Forecast of Cotton Inventory in China and All over the World, 2011-2015

Chapter Four World Cotton Market

4.1 Production Status of Major Cotton Producing Countries, 2005-2010

4.2 Consumption of Major Cotton Consumption Countries, 2005-2010

4.3 Analysis and Forecast of Chinese Cotton Industry’s Impact to World Cotton Market

4.4 Cotton Price Comparison between China and the World

4.5 Global Economic Growth and Cotton Production

Chapter Five Import and Export of Cotton in China, 2005-2010

5.1 Import&Export Volume of Cotton, 2005-2010

5.2 Cotton CNF of Major Import Countries, 2008-2010

5.3 Proportion of China’s Cotton Import Volume in Global Cotton Trade Volume, 2005-2010

5.4 Import Volume Trend of Major Import Countries, 2005-2010

5.5 Analysis and Forecast of Cotton Import and Export Policy in China

Chapter Six Analysis and Forecast of China’s Textile Market

6.1 Production of Varieties of Product in Textile Industry, 2005-2010

6.2 Price Trend of Major Cotton Products in Textile Industry, 2005-2010

6.3 Analysis of Cotton Use of Varieties in Textile Industry

6.4 Cost and Profit of Textile Industry

6.5 Forecast of the Prospect of Textile Industry

6.6 Related Analysis of Cotton Industry and Textile Industry

6.7 Import&Export Status of China’s Textile Industry, 2005-2010

6.8 Analysis and Forecast of the Prosperity Index of China’s Textile Industry

6.9 Reform of Textile Enterprise and Industry Innovation Status, 2010

Chapter Seven Research on Cotton Price in Future Market and Spot Market, 2010

7.1 China’s Cotton Spot Market

7.1.1 Purchasing price of Unginned Cotton and Cotton, 2008-2010

7.1.2 Analysis of Demand & Supply and Price of Cotton

7.1.3 Analysis of the Correlations between Chinese Cotton Price and International Cotton Price

7.1.4 Forecast of Chinese and Global Cotton Price

7.2 China’s Cotton Future Market

7.2.1 Price Trend of Cotton in Future Market

7.2.2 Warehouse Warrant of Zhengzhou Cotton Futures and Structure Analysis of Position

7.2.3 Analysis of Cotton Price in Future Market

7.3 Cotton Future Market in New York

7.3.1 Price Trend of Cotton, 2010

7.3.2 Warehouse Warrant of New York Cotton Futures and Structure Analysis of Position

7.4 China’s Cotton Electronic Trading Market

7.4.1 Match Order Quantity and Turnover of Cotton in Electronic Trading Market, 2005-2010

7.4.2 Matching Price Trend of Cotton in Electronic Trading Market, 2005-2010

7.5 Cotton by Product Market

7.5.1 Price Trend of Major Cotton by Product, 2008-2010

7.6 Cotton Yarn Market

7.6.1 Price Trend of China’s Cotton Yarn Market

7.6.2 Net Profits Trend of Chinese Textile Industry, 2008-2010

7.6.3 Impact from Cotton Collection and Storage on Cotton Market and Textile Industry, 2010

Chapter Eight Economic and Efficiency Analysis of Textile Industry, 2008-2010

8.1 Key Economic and Efficiency Analysis of above Scale Industrial Enterprises in Textile Industry, 2008-2010

Chapter Nine Forecast of Cotton Spot Price

9.1 Secondary Exponential Smoothing

9.2 Result Inspection and Analysis


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