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Analysis of sawn timber import in China

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Import of sawn timber falls into the following categories: sawn timber of needle leaved woods, sawn timber of tropical woods and sawn timber of other none-needle-leaved woods. In Jul, China imported 1,710,938 cubic meters of sawn timber. The volume of sawn timber imported from Russia, Canada, and the USA was respectively 578,175 cubic meters, 524,946 cubic meters, and 170,146 cubic meters.

1. Sawn Timber of Coniferous Wood: In Jul, China imported 340,562 cubic meters sawn timber of Korean pine and Mongolian scotch pine, 531,159 cubic meters white pine sawn timber, 86,638 cubic meters radial pine sawn timber, 14,186 cubic meters sawn timber of Douglas fir and 241,305 cubic meters sawn timber of other needle leaved woods.

2. Sawn Timber of Tropical Wood: In Jul, China imported 11,270 cubic meters of tropical wood sawn timber.

3. Sawn Timber of Non-coniferous Wood: In Jul, China imported 82,439 cubic meters of oak sawn timber, 29,202 cubic meters of beech wood sawn timber, 7,110 cubic meters of maple sawn timber, 2,694 cubic meters of cherry sawn timber, 13,093 cubic meters of ash sawn timber, 7,824 cubic meters of camphor, nanmu or rosewood sawn timber, 29,599 cubic meters of other north american broadleaf hardwood sawn timber and 49,813 cubic meters of other temperate zone non-coniferous sawn timber. Import volume of other non-coniferous sawn timber was 241,857 cubic meters. The export volume of Sawn timber of paulownia sawn timber was 16,325 cubic meters.

From "China Wood Market Monthly Report"

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