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The Production Situation of Fertilizer is not good in 2014

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2014-04-09 09:34:16China Agriculture Report Print
In January and February of 2014, China’s fertilizer output (converted to the output of effective ingredient, similarly hereinafter) was 10.201 million tons accumulatively. By provinces and cities, in terms of output, the top five provinces are Hubei, Shandong, Guizhou, Shanxi and Henan, and their output was 1.755 million tons, 944,000 tons, 813,000 tons, 777,000 tons and 770,000 tons respectively. Except for Shandong province saw a growth rate of -10.4%, other provinces all showed positive growth. Henan province still showed fast increase, reaching a growth rate of 35.5%.

The cumulative production of nitrogen fertilizer in January and February of 2014 was 7.378 million tons, decreasing by 2.1% year on year, and among that, the output of urea is 5.16 million tons in this month, increasing 2.7% year on year. The cumulative production of phosphate fertilizer in January and February was 2.427 million tons, decreasing 4.2% year on year, and among that, the cumulative production of DAP (physical quantity) was 2.767 million tons, decreasing 3.5% year on year, the output of MAP (physical quantity) was 3.105 million tons, increasing 8.8% year on year. As for potash fertilizer, the cumulative production was 394,000 tons, increasing 5.1% year on year. The growth rate of potash fertilizer still is the highest in fertilizers in terms of output. 

From “China Fertilizer Market Weekly Report
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