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1.49% Decrease of White Granulated Sugar from August , and 0.38% Decrease of Superfine Sugar from August

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-10-10 13:58:14China Agriculture Report Print
(1) White Granulated Sugar
The average spot price for white granulated sugar was 5,401.7 yuan/ton in September, down 1.49% from the 5,483.5 yuan/ton in August, or 19.56% lower than the 6,715.2 yuan/ton in same period last year. The spot price had been 5,160.0 yuan/ton in Nanning till September 26h, down 70.0 yuan/ton than August.
(2) Superfine Sugar
The average spot price for superfine sugar was 5,945.8 yuan/ton in September, down 0.38% from the 5,968.3 yuan/ton in August, or 15.70% lower than the 7,053.0 yuan/ton in same period last year. 

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