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Renews Brand, Upgrades Capacity, Enhances Quality Control, Innovates Channels, Promotion at Retail Market and Effort Overseas, Mengniu Devotes Efforts from All Aspects

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2018-08-09 14:30:25China Agriculture Report Print
(1)Launch Mengniu mother brand visual VI renewal project 
Mengniu plans to launch the Mengniu mother brand visual VI renewal project in August. The core visual system shall be renewed on “brand logo, color system, brand character font, brand slogan, picture and icon and plate style”.
(2)180,000-ton low-temperature milk project launched in Meishan, Sichuan
Mengniu (Meishan) plans to set up a low-temperature milk production project which can produce 180,000 tons per year. Land survey and landscape measuring is going on for the time being.
(3)Quality control strengthened over pasteurized milk
Mengniu shall install low-temperature tunnel at the product transportation chain and to guarantee online cooling of pasteurized milk. This is to tackle the temperature rising risk of products in Maanshan Pasteurized Milk Plant.
(4)Continual promotion of “unmanned convenience store” project
Mengniu continues to promote its unmanned UHT convenience store project in 2018. Recently it has chosen a supplier for store external decoration and setting up.
(5)Large promotion in Beijing in Q4
Mengniu plans to undertake extensive promotion in Beijing from September to December.
(6)More overseas investment
Mengniu adopts overseas SAP program and would customize SAP-ERP system that is suitable to business overseas.
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