BOABC: The Top 100 Listing of Agricultural Means Distribution Companies was Released, and Leading Companies is Developing Quickly

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On August 31, China Agricultural Production Materials Distribution Association officially released the top 100 listing of agricultural means distribution companies in 2018, the listing of companies whose operating revenues rank top 20 and the listing of famous brands in the agricultural materials industry in 2018. Of which, ten companies such as China National Agricultural Means of Production Group and Yunnan Yuntianhua ranked top 10, and the operating revenues of twenty companies such as ZJAMP Holdings Group and Anhui Huilong Investment Group ranked top 20.      
Leading companies would be developing quickly with the advantages of rich sales networks, stable marketing channels and resources.  
According to data from top 30 agricultural materials distribution companies in 2018, the operating revenues of top 30 companies averaged at 9.0988496 billion RMB, up 10.96% year on year; the profits were 119.6197 million RMB, up 15.71% year on year; the profits increased by 15.71%. The growth in profit margin of top five companies was obviously quicker than that of top 6-10 companies.      
Along with the shrinking of agricultural materials market and the strengthening of supervision from environmental departments, the degree of concentration of industry is improving, and agricultural materials industry has entered a period of survival against competitors. Fertilizer is one of important parts of agricultural materials. For production and distribution companies, entering the segmentation field and maintaining the competitive advantage would be the development directions.
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