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2% YoY Growth of Milk Production in China in Q1 2019

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MOA recently announced at its press conference that cow milk production hit 6.25million tons in Q1, up 2% YoY. BOABC deems this data is from the monitoring by the National Raw Milk Collection Stations of MOA, rather than from the statistics system (Survey Teams in various places of the National Bureau of Statistics).
The National Bureau of Statistics revealed that cow milk production was 30.75 million tons in 2018, based on this, BOABC calculates the production in Q1 2018 should be around 7.6 million tons. If there is 2% growth, then the production in Q1 2019 should be about 7.75 million tons.
Raw milk production rose universally in all the key farming provinces in Q1, of which Inner Mongolia took the first rank by hitting 1.11 million tons, up 1.3%. The growth of Hebei, Henan and Shaanxi was above the national average, recording 12%, 3.8% and 2.7% respectively, and their respective production stood at 980,000, 300,000 and 240,000 tons.  
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