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Update on Dairy Farms in China under the Pandemic

By CnAgri 2020-04-08 16:44:32 Print Tel:861064402118-822 Email: chen.wang@boabc.com

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(1) Raw milk collection is at lower price,  some farms confront with refusal or restriction of collection by processing companies,  and there is even milk dumping. Dairy farms face difficulties of fund circulation and debt.
(2) Milk production is affected in a short period of time.Since lactating cows became dry earlier and adult cows are abandoned in a faster way,  milk production is and has been affected noticeably,  60% of the interviewed farms informed there was drop of raw milk output.
(3)The inventory of adult cows has not declined,  farms have the intention to keep or enlarge herd, hence there shall be little impact in the long run.

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