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Liquid Chlorine Demands Goes Up with Substantial Price Hike

China Agriculture Report By CnAgri2013-10-15 11:26:11China Agriculture Report Print

In September, average yellow phosphorous was 15,190 Yuan per ton, down 9% over last year, and remained unchanged over last month. With the decline of temperature, its lower-reach products saw a better operation rate, demand on liquid chlorine went upwards, and it has been over 500 Yuan per ton. Sulfur was about 1,156 Yuan per ton, down 32% over last year and up 8.5% over last month.
Methanol, benzene, toluene and xylene all saw a decline, also the extent varied. Toluene was 8,222 Yuan per ton, down 14.6%, which was also the largest decline. Methanol and xylene also went down by over 5%.
Almost all the pesticide materials went downwards except liquid chlorine, which will be a big blow for the steadiness of pesticide prices.

From “China Pesticide Market Monthly Report


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