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Survey Finds Chinese Residents Far from Daily Milk Consumption Habit, Consumption Lower than National Recommended Level

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A MOA survey on consumers in six provinces finds that Chinese have not developed the habit of milk consumption, the milk consumption is much lower than the recommended level by China 2016 Guide on Residents’ Diet. People have shallow knowledge on milk, the cognition on nutrition should be improved and consumption habit should be fostered so as to raise milk consumption volume.
Poor milk consumption frequency, people do not have the habit of daily milk consumption.
Nearly 1/4 of the interviewees either do not or consume at rather low frequency. The survey discovers that 11.6% interviewees almost do not consume milk, 12.5% consume milk less than once a week (low-frequency), and their combined proportion is 25% in the total.
Also, about 36% people only consume milk once or twice a week. 
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