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Farming and Feed: Livestock/Poultry Farming All Made a Profit, and Gross Profits of Feed Processing Narrowed

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In July, hog, broiler and layer farming margins improved. Of which, owing to a less supply, hog purchase prices continued to go up and farming margins ascended; broiler purchase prices didn’t improve, but the costs of chicks descended obviously, so the loss of broiler farming narrowed; along with the stocking-up of moon cake before the Mid-Autumn Festival, egg prices ascended, and layer farming margins improved.
In July, the costs of main feed materials such as corn and soybean meal fell, but feed prices increased, so the gross profits of feed production improved. The gross profits of feed processing for growing-finishing pigs, broilers and layers reached RMB 203/MT, RMB 289/MT and RMB 287/MT, with a month-on-month increase of RMB 60/MT, RMB 69/MT and RMB 61/MT respectively; the gross profit margin was 7.4%, 10.3% and 9.0%, 2.3 percentage points, 2.6 percentage points and 2.6 percentage points higher than those of last month.
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