BOABC Viewpoint: China increases investment in white broiler breeding R&D to raise the market share of domestic species to more than 20% in 2025

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At present, GP breeders of white broiler are completely imported in China, so international environment has a significant impact on China’s supply of GP breeders. China’s white broiler industry has strongly realized the importance of independent breeding. The “National broiler genetic improvement plan (2014-2025)” put forward that 2-3 new species of white broiler will be developed and the market share of home-made white broiler species will exceed 20% in 2025. Supported by strategies and polices at the national level, domestic enterprises with strength continue to actively engage in and promote independent breeding of white broiler species, and have made significant advances.
(1) Guangdong Xinguang Agro-pastoral Co., Ltd. took the lead in developing the breeding of local white broiler species. The featured “Guang Ming No.1” synthetic line of the company focuses on saving grain. At present, this synthetic line shows obvious competitive advantages in FCR, survival rate, and meat quality.
(2) Yukou Poultry gives full play to its breeding advantages and has independently developed a new species-small high quality broiler WOD168, which is suitable for China’s feeding environment and market demand, and will greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of broiler industry.  
(3) Sunner Development has development several white broiler lines suitable for domestic feeding conditions. In the future, it will breed new synthetic lines according to different market demands, and the production of GP breeding birds bred by the company itself will reach 100,000 sets annually.  
Although China has made significant progresses in white broiler breeding, it still faces many challenges. China need build comprehensive broiler breeding technical system suitable for production demand, conduct technology R&D and integration around new molecular breeding, genetic prediction, heterosis utilization, disease purification, and environmental control, comprehensively improve the core technology and supporting technology of broiler breeding, and finally develop fine species which are suitable for local feeding environment, meet the demand of producers, and withstand the test of market.

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