Focus: The Auction Volume of Temporarily-Stored Corn Would Reduce From September, Which Won’t Bring Obvious Influence on Corn Market

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Typhoon Lekima brought strong wind and rain to coastal areas of east China, the east of north China and the south of northeast, and precipitation in some areas of Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong and Liaoning was higher than the extremum in the same period of previous years. Typhoon Rose led to strong rainfall in the east of northeast, and precipitation in central and east Jilin and the east of Heilongjiang was higher than the extremum in the same period of previous years. However, the final output of new corn would depend the weather situation of next month.     
Although continuous precipitation led to waterlogging in some areas of main corn producing areas of north, yet the areas were limited, whose corn planting areas take up a relatively low proportion in the total areas. Of which, disaster-hit areas in Heilongjiang and Shandong were 5 million mu and 0.7 million mu respectively.   
This July, the hydrothermal condition in most areas of north China and Huang-Huai Region was relatively good, the temperature was higher than that in the same period of previous years, and the moisture was appreciate, which are good for corn growth. The growth of corn in Jilin, Liaoning and south Heilong all was better than last year. Before the flood disaster in August, corn in the main producing areas of north has almost been pollinated, and the flooding tolerance has improved obviously.    
Actually, corn is in the middle-late growth period, and the most influential influence on yield is early frost in fall. The loss from early frost can reaches up to 8-15%. So, the weather in the main producing areas next month, especially early frost in the northeast, is the main determinant factor on the output of new corn.   
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