Import and Export of Sugar in May 2019

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4.1 Sugar Imports

4.1.1 383,402 tons Imported, 90.38% YoY Decrease of Sugar in May; 929,944 tons Imported till the end of May in total, down 15.55%

China imported 383,402 tons sugar in May 2019, 11.99% more than in April or 90.38% less than year on year. Till the end of May 2019, China had imported 929,944 tons sugar in total, down 15.55% year on year.
From the perspective of imported varieties, the mainstream was raw sugar and white granulated sugar. Raw granulated sugar imported 352,652 tons in May, accounting for 91.98% of the monthly import, or 85.90% in the total import during the period from January to May. 798,821 tons of raw sugar had been imported in total, down 13.12%. Followed by white sugar imported 30,199 tons, 7.88% in the monthly total or 13.50% in the total import from January to May. China had imported 125,561 tons white granulated sugar in total, down 28.81% YoY.

4.1.2 Raw Sugar Import Price in May Was down 9.42% from Last Month, Granulated Sugar Price down 3.63%

The average import price for raw sugar is 329 USD/MT in May 2019, down 9.42% from last month basically, or 5.45% less year on year. The average import price for granulated sugar is 403 USD/MT, 3.63% higher than in April or 9.28% less year on year.
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