Focus: Sugar Imports Fell 49% in June From a Year Earlier and Prices Are Set To Rise

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(1)The industrial inventory in June was 17.25% less YoY. The 2018/19 campaign came to a complete end, the national sugar production recorded 10.7604 million tons, up 4.41% YoY; the total sales stood at 7.6129 million tons, up 17.00% YoY; the industrial inventory was 3.1475 million tons, down 17.25% YoY, the sales progress was much faster than in last campaign.
(2)Sugar price will soon enter into an upward tunnel. In the sweltering summer, the consumption of soft drinks and frozen drinks is at the peak. Sugar entered into the pure sales season in June, the industrial stock was less YoY; the global sugar supply has entered into a new round of shortage, and it is highly likely to see price hike in the future. Sugar price shall be on an upward turn due to multiple factors.
(3)Sugar import in June was 49.18% less YoY. Sugar import stood at 139,800 tons in June, down 63.53% MoM or down 49.18% YoY; total sugar import had amounted to 1.0698 million tons till the end of June, down 22.28% YoY. Raw sugar futures price fell but bounced later in June, domestic sugar price was steady, and import shall grow slightly in July.
(4)Quantitative production of sugar with low blood sugar index. The Sino-US R&D Center for Functional Sugar, South China University of Technology developed and produced cane sugar with low blood sugar index. This type of product can stabilize blood sugar and at the mean time can enhance insulin sensitiveness, can amend damaged pancreatic tissue and can improve human body’s sugar tolerance. The cane sugar with low blood sugar index has passed clinical experiment and it proves that patients with diabetes can consume this type of sugar, which is a new option for the patients.

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