Quantitative Production of First Type of Cane Sugar with Low Blood Sugar Index That Can Be Consumed by Patients with Diabetes

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Sugar Canes are rich of polyphenol which has a strong free radical cleaning activeness, which is conducive to healthy metabolism of carbohydrate, conducive to amending damaged pancreatic tissue, conducive to insulin sensitiveness, and thus can stabilize blood sugar and improve the function of sugar tolerance. However in the past only sugar in the canes is retained due to technical restraint, there was no effective preservation or stabilization of the active substances including polyphenol.
The Sino-US R&D Centre for Functional Sugar, South China University of Technology, for the first time, discovered mechanism how cane polyphenol coordinates with cane sugar calcium to control blood sugar index after over a decade of hard work. A number of crucial technologies have been acquired and cane sugar with low blood sugar index can be produced. Cane sugar with low blood sugar index can delay sugar digestion and absorption by the small intestine, and so blood sugar can be stabilized. Meanwhile this type of sugar can enhance insulin sensitiveness and fix damaged pancreatic tissue, improve human body’s sugar tolerance level. Clinical experiment proves such cane sugar with low blood sugar index can be consumed normally by patients with diabetes.
There are 114 million diabetes patients in China, accounting for 30% of the world total, taking the top rank. The success of cane sugar with low blood sugar index lays a foundation for humankind to better utilize the nutritious value of canes in the future, and brings a brand new choice for consumers to consume sugar in a healthier and more nutritious way.
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